School Board has two new members

School Board has two new members

School Board has two new members

It was a sure bet that two new people would be elected to the Haywood County School Board. Long-time board members Pearlie Hess (District 3 & 7) and Robbie Jarrett King (District 1 & 5) did not run for reelection but uncertain, until last night, was the fate of the District 8 & 9 seat held by Harold Garrett.

Gem Bell tried to unseat Garrett but in the end Garrett won with 57% of the votes. Garrett serves as the chairman of the board. Bell is a well-known community advocate who currently serves as president of the Boys & Girls Club.

Harrison M. Jones won the seat held by King. Jones took 43% of the vote. There were two other candidates. Jody Lea received 24% and Tracey Sullivan 32%.

Olivia Farrington ran unopposed for the seat held by Pearlie Hess.

Unofficial totals

District 8 & 9
Harold Garrett: 486
Gem Bell: 364

District 1 & 5
Harrison Jones: 290
Jody Lea: 163
Tracey Sullivan: 223

Seven of the twenty county commission seats decided Thursday ó five changes
With Thursdayís election of Sheronda Green, Alan OíQuinn, James Morgan, Freddy Smith and Joe Barden IV, twenty-five percent of the Haywood County Commission has changed. Richard Jameson and Larry Gene Stanley were reelected.

With all twenty county commission seats up for grabs, there were only seven contested races.

County Commission 2nd District, Position 2
Richard Jameson: 181
Felecia Walker: 156

County Commission 3rd District, Position 2
Sheronda Rogers Green: 146
Charles R Wills: 114

County Commission 7th District Position 1
Larry Gene Stanley: 225
Johnnie Boyd: 215

County Commission 7th District Position 2
James Morgan: 237
Butch Porch: 213

County Commission 9th District Position 1
Freddy O Smith: 282
James E Humphreys: 156

County Commission 10th District, Position 1
Joe Barden IV: 351
Robert Earl Thornton: 277

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