Notice of Special Called Meetings

Notice of Special Called Meetings

Notice of Special Called Meetings

Please take notice that a Special “called” meeting of the Haywood County Budget Committe has been called to engage in the business of the county for August 26, 2019 at 5:00 P.M. in the conference room adjacent to the Mayor’s office located in the Courthouse, first floor at 1 North Washington Ave., Brownsville, Tennessee, and to discuss and take action on the business listed herein below, to wit: (see below)

Thereafter, the full Haywood County Commission will convene in special “called” meeting at 6:00 P.M. in the Circuit Courtroom located at the Allen G. King Justice Complex, 100 South Dupree, Brownsville, Tennessee to take action on the business of the County including the following, to wit:

A). Discuss and take action on the engineers recommendations regarding the bids to construct a building and amenities commonly referred to as The EMS and Fire Station, located South of Stanton, Tennessee, commonly referred to as the “Mega Site”.

B). Discuss and take action on the request of the City of Brownsville for contributions toward the office, breakroom, and bathroom adjacent to the Brownsville/Haywood County Animal Shelter.

C). Discuss and take action on the proposed amendment to the medical services contract purposed by WelPath.

D). Discuss and take action on the request of the Haywood County Highway Department regarding, to wit:

    A). request of contribution to repair of the full pump.

    B). request of the budget modification to equalize the required amounts under maintenance of effort.

E). Discuss resolution regarding all business concerning ankle bracelet program including all other business and budget amendments’ there to.

F). Discuss the recommendation of the Public Safety Committee regarding medical care of the prisoners at the Haywood County Jail.

The Said Budget Committee and / or Haywood County Commission may take action on these matters and the public at large is invited to attend.

David Livingston
County Mayor

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