Haywood County Executive Order No. 2020-07-01

Haywood County Executive Order No. 2020-07-01

Haywood County Executive Order No. 2020-07-01

Haywood County Mayor David Livingston has issued an Executive Order regarding the COVID-19 outbreak.

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NO. 2020-07-01

This is the first Haywood County Executive Order proclaimed pursuant to authority granted by virtue of State Executive Order No. 54 issued July 3, 2020, by the Honorable Bill Lee, Governor of the State of Tennessee. The said State Executive Order is a delegation of authority pursuant to Tenn. Code Ann. §58-2-120; and is limited in scope to the orders or recommendations of the wearing of face coverings within Haywood County, Tennessee, and shall be interpreted as consistent with the limitations specified in paragraph No. 3 of State Executive Order No. 54.

WHERE AS, a National Pandemic has been declared pursuant to the potential transmission of the Novel Coronavirus; and

WHERE AS, the said virus has resulting in an outbreak of the disease, commonly referred as Covid-19, throughout the United States of America, State of Tennessee, and within the boundaries of Haywood County, Tennessee; and

WHERE AS, the citizens of Haywood County, Tennessee, have experienced a drastic increase of the confirmed diagnosed cases within the confines of this County. (45 cases previously diagnosed by June 21, 2020, to 92 cases diagnosed by July 5, 2020); and

WHERE AS, it is apparent that renewed and /or increased measures are necessary to substantially reduce the transmission of the said virus; and

WHERE AS, it is readily apparent that many citizens of Haywood County, Tennessee, either fail to comprehend the seriousness of the illness currently sweeping the country from coast to coast, misunderstand the potential effect upon the people of Haywood County, Tennessee, and/ or likewise ignore or disregard the recommendations of the Center of Disease Control concerning social distancing, avoiding large gatherings, personal hygiene, and /or refrain from close personal contact with friends, including but limited to shaking of hands, hugging as a form of greetings, and otherwise. The purpose of which is to decease the transmission of the disease; and

WHERE AS, the personal liberties of the Citizens of the United States of America and the State of Tennessee, granted to each of us by their respective Constitutions is not to be invaded cavalierly or without due consideration of all possibly less restrictive alternatives that have a reasonable chance of success of curtailing the transmission of the virus.

It is therefore ordered that the wearing of facial covering in public IS hereby strongly suggested and recommended. THIS IS NOT A MANDATE. The good common sense and good judgement of the citizens of Haywood County, Tennessee,to employ those measures that have proven successful in the past must be more extensively utilized as an first alternative.

Those recommended measures are as follows, to wit:

A. SOCIAL DISTANCING: The intentional refrain of close personal contact with others in public and refrain from encroaching upon the personal space of others.(The limitation of 6 feet being strongly suggested)

B. WASHING OF HANDS: The increase of the utilization of good personal hygiene, whenever possible, involving washing of hands before engaging in contact with others; or the increased use of personal hand sanitizers as an alternative thereto.

C. AVOID LARGE GATHERINGS: Refrain from engaging in large gatherings, whenever possible. This includes refraining from shopping at peak times when businesses have large numbers of patrons therein and the utilization of personal social distancing while therein.

This order or recommendation does not preclude each business located in the boundaries of Haywood County, Tennessee, for requiring the use of facial coverings as a pre-requisite to entry and shopping in their business.

This order is effective on July 7, 2020, at 11:59 A.M.


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