Haywood County Commission passes $45m finance plan

Haywood County Commission passes $45m finance plan

Haywood County Commission passes $45m finance plan

County government has a new budget. With little conversation, this morning County Commissioners approved the months-long work of its budget committee. Including roads and schools – government will plow through an estimated $45,267,311.

Taxpayers can expect to pay the same rate ($2.3956) as last year under the spending and income blueprint, but the budget predicts the government will cost more to operate than the amount of money it will take in. The deficit projection is $1,332,000.

Schools gobble up the largest hunk of the county’s financial plan. About $27 million is appropriated for schools and the cafeteria program. County property taxes supply about $3.4 million to the school board. The remainder of the money for schools comes mostly from the state and federal governments. The schools collect substantial cash from local sales taxes, too. The school system’s budget predicts deficit spending of $436,179.

The county general budget requires $11,595,819. County general includes most of the elected officials’ offices from mayor to the courts. County buildings, the operation of the jail and ambulance service is included in the budget.

County general will check out spending $680,738 more than it will take in.

The Highway Department expects to spend 3,008,089. Their budget projects a tiny surplus.

Funding the county’s debt payments will cost $2,020,531.

In a separate resolution, county commissioners agreed on the appropriations for “nonprofit and charitable organizations.” The county will provide $232,912 to the twenty recipients.

The county’s cash reserves, known as “fund balance,” were estimated to be $12,506,726 on July 1.

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