Haywood County Commission Meeting – November 19

Haywood County Commission Meeting – November 19

Haywood County Commission Meeting – November 19

The Haywood County Commission holds its regular meeting on November 19, 2018.

Agenda for that meeting listed below.

Call to Order
Opening Prayer
Roll Call
1. Approval of Minutes
2. Reports: (copies enclosed)
County Mayor’s report
Trustee’s report
Board of Education report
Highway Department’s report

3. Reports of Standing Committees:
Education Committee
Solid Waste Committee
Public Safety Committee
Conservation Board
Budget Committee (minutes enclosed)

4. Introduction of District 82 State Representative Chris Hurt
5. Consider the formation of a New Capital Projects Fund from revenues received from the wheel tax.
6. Consider the Purchase of Sheriff’s Patrol Cars
7. Consider Payment of County Attorney’s Bill
8. Consider a Contract with the County Attorney for Services
9. Consider Approval of a Grant Reimbursement from USDA for Sheriff Patrol Car
10. Consider Approval of $6000 Payment to the City Brownsville to Reimburse Half the Match for the Park and Recreation’s 10 Year Master Plan
11. Confirm the Appointments of Sharon Hayes and Mary Ann Sharpe to the Property Committee.
12. Confirm the appointment of John Carter to the 911 board to serve the remainder of the unexpired term of Ricky Ellington.
13. Confirm the appointment of Glenn Clayborn to the Animal Control Board
14. Confirm the appointment of Terry Chambers as County Farm Supervisor
15. Confirm the Appointment of a Local Government Committee
16. Re-Assume Old Hwy 222 to the County Uniform Roads List
17. Discuss Nation Wide Retirement Options
18. Broadband Discussion – Aeneas – David Harrod
19. Mayor’s Report
20. Other Business
21. Call of the Districts

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