Haywood County Commission Meeting

Haywood County Commission Meeting

Haywood County Commission Meeting

Tentative Agenda
Haywood County Commission
September 16, 2019

Opening: 6 P.M.


Adoption of the Minutes from the July 15th and called August 26th, 2019 meetings


County Mayor
Board of Education
Highway Commission

1. Reports of Standing Committees:

Education Committee
Solid Waste Committee
Public Safety Committee
Conservation Board
Budget Committee

2. Election of Chairman

3. Election of Chairman Pro Tempore

4. Election of One Additional Person to the Nominating Committee

5. Consider Lease Purchase of Door Locks Security: Sheriff Garrett

Mayor’s Agenda

1. City of Brownsville

A. Purchase ½ the cost of truck for Fire Chief
B. Provide assistance to the City rehabbing Webb Banks Park out of grant not to exceed amount of Grant ($20,000)

2. Census Representative (Brismeyer Sellers)

3. 3 Starr Status/Steve Hilton

4. Morgan Street Building

5. Approval of Renewal Letter

6. Cemetery- (set aside)/Robert T Green

7. Broadband Resolution/Sharon Hayes

8. Jail Healthcare Contract/Allan O’Quin

9. School System Request/Joey Hassell

10. Solar Farm Resolution/Shelton Merrell

11. USDA Grant & Loan

6. Budget Amendments

7. Adjourn

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