Haywood County Commission meeting

Haywood County Commission meeting

Haywood County Commission meeting

The Haywood County Commission will meet Monday night May 16th at the Alan G. King Justice Complex at 6pm. Please find the agenda attached. Our meetings are all open to the public and everyone is welcome to attend.

Haywood County Commission
May 16, 2022
Opening: 6 pm

Pledge of Allegiance:
Roll Call:
Close the Agenda:
Approval of Minutes:
Reports of Officials
County Mayor
Board of Education
Highway Commission

Reports of Standing Committees

Education Committee
Solid Waste
Public Safety
Conservation Board
Planning Commission
Budget (Minutes Enclosed)

Old Business

1. Audit Committee Report

2. Consider Resolution 5-22-01 on a Property Tax Freeze.

New Business
1. Agreement with Sheriff Garrett and Haywood County Concerning Haywood County Concerning Maintenance of Effort.
2. Consider a Security Contract with Walbridge Construction Company at $40 per hour plus 30%.
3. Consider Resolution 5-22-02 to Transfer the TCAT Building to the State of Tennessee.
4. Consider a Transfer of Property to Douglas Community Center.
5. Consider a Zoning Resolution Dealing with Warehouse Property on State Highway 54 West.

Budget Amendments

Mayor’s Comments

Mayor’s Certificate of Appreciation

Call of Districts



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