Haywood County Commission meeting

Haywood County Commission meeting

Haywood County Commission meeting

The Haywood County Commission will meet Monday night, November 15th, at 6pm at the Allen G. King Justice Complex.

Haywood County Commission
November 15th, 2021

Opening: 6 pm
Pledge of Allegiance:
Roll Call:
Close the Agenda:
Approval of Minutes:

1.Reports of Officials

County Mayor
Board of Education
Highway Commission

2. Reports of Standing Committees

Education Committee
Solid Waste
Public Safety
Conservation Board
Planning Commission
Budget (Minutes Enclosed)

3. Consider the Appointment of J P Barden to the Planning Commission

4. Consider the Appointment of Gem Bell to the Industrial Development Board

5. Consider an Appointment to Library Board

6. Consider Resolution 11-21-01 Opioid Agreement

7. Consider Resolution 11-21-02 Redistricting Plan

8. Consider Approving the Purchase of New Voting Machines

9. Consider Resolution 11-21-03 USDA Grant Reimbursement for Sheriff’s Vehicles.

10. Consider Selling the Gavin Service Station Property

11. Consider a Memorandum of Understanding Concerning Trails in I-40 Advantage Park (City has already approved it).

12. Mayor’s Comments:

13. Budget Amendments:

14. Call of Districts

15. Adjournment

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