Haywood County Budget Committee meeting

Haywood County Budget Committee meeting

Haywood County Budget Committee meeting

The Budget Committee will meet April 15, 2021 at 5:00 P.M. Allen King Justice Complex.


1) Call to order

2) Prayer

3) Sonia Outlaw- Clark (West Tennessee Delt Heritage Center)

4) 2021-2022 budget process.

Soil Conservation
County Buildings
Beer Board
Accounting and Budgeting
Industrial Development
Contributions to Other Agencies
Veteran’s Services

Contributions to Other Agencies
IT/Data Processing Services – Mayor Rawls takes the position that Darren and Kristy are technically City employees because they are on the City’s benefits plan. They are proposing that Darren receive a 4% raise and Kristy be brought up to industry standards. Here is the proposed amount:
• Darren – $54,631
• Kristy – $38,640
The County is responsible for 2/3 of the salaries, which comes out to $62,180.

Libraries – The libraries budget request for 2021-2022 is $164,444, our half would be $82,222. Mayor Rawls wants to keep the library budget the same as last year. Last year the total budget request was 155,170 and the County was responsible for $76,821. The City contributed $78,349. The actual amount of expenditures was $160,172. I have attached their budget request. The adopted 2020-2021 budget was based on prior year numbers. The library will have their complete invoices by the first part of the week.

Fire Prevention & Control – the City is planning to implement step raises based on performance for the fire department. Ms. Batchelor is going to email me a list of the 4 ½ employees for which we are currently billed, and I will forward that to you. They would like to start new hires at $29k.

Animal Control – The City proposes giving the three employees a 4% raise, and they are looking into hiring 1 part-time employee. They would also like to purchase a new vehicle for approximately $30k.

Parks & Rec – no issues.

Central Dispatch – Our part of the budget (we receive rent of $1500 per quarter from City, and then we pay ½ expenses each quarter to City (less 911 contribution). The total of expenses paid for the first two quarters of the FY were $111,408.27.

5) Other Business

6) Adjourn

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