Dondé art added to Tina Turner Museum

Dondé art added to Tina Turner Museum

Dondé art added to Tina Turner Museum

BROWNSVILLE TN (September 28, 2019): The Tina Turner Museum in Brownsville, Tenn., is honored to unveil and add to its collection the artwork of Italian Master Artist Daniele Dondé. “The Stradivari Rock” violin sculpture depicting the iconic image of Tina Turner was unveiled Saturday, September 28, 2019, during the 8th annual Tina Turner Heritage Days.

“The violin is an amazing, one-of-a-kind sculpture,” says museum director Sonia Outlaw-Clark. “Dondé is an incredible artist and we are honored for it to become a part of our permanent collection and to be able to share it with Tina fans and visitors from all over the world.”
Dondé was born in 1950 in Cremona, Italy. He was the son of an art collector who learned quickly, after his parents death, that most of their masterpieces were forgeries. Finding that there was a market for fakes, the idea was born to re- create “faux” art and make the work of the masters accessible to everyone. As an accomplished artist, Dondé patented a certificate for fakes in 1984 that legalized copying the masters and in the process created a global artistic movement – the art of reproduction.

Working constantly, he took his idea around the world. Temporary art exhibitions of “legal fakes,” appeared in major cities around the world. In 1990, at his exhibition in Manhattan, New York, Donde was given the honorary title of Professor and Doctor of modern and contemporary art from the prestigious American University PRO DEO.

In 2010, Dondé created a unique collection of “recycled/upcycled” pieces of art using authentic violins originating from the Stadivari School of Music in Cremona Italy. The Stradivari Rock collection is composed of antique used instruments intricately painted and decorated with precious stones creating violin sculptures of fine art.

Dondé’s works can be seen in his galleries in Switzerland, Japan and Dubai, as well as in temporary exhibitions throughout the world.
CAPTION: This unique violin sculpture depicting Tina Turner was recently unveiled at the Tina Turner Museum in Brownsville, Tenn. The work by Italian Master Artist Daniel Dondé is from his collection “The Stradivari Rock” and is painted on authentic used violins from the Stradivari School of Music in Cremona Italy.

About the Center: The West Tennessee Delta Heritage Center, in Brownsville, offers a refreshing Southern experience showcasing the history and culture of rural West Tennessee. Inside visitors can learn about the history of cotton, explore the scenic and “wild” Hatchie River and get to know the legendary musicians who call West Tennessee home. Also located on the grounds is the Tina Turner Museum at Flagg Grove School, the childhood school of Tina Turner, and the last home of Blues pioneer Sleepy John Estes. An official Tennessee Music Pathways location, the Delta Heritage Center is also a featured stop along the Americana Music Triangle connecting Nashville, Memphis and New Orleans. To learn more about the Center, visit or call 731-779-9000.

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