Darron Byrd new constable

Darron Byrd new constable

Darron Byrd new constable

There were two write-in votes in Haywood County of significance Tuesday, and they’ve resulted in the election of a constable. The two votes Darron Byrd received means he’s the Haywood County Constable in the 6th District.

Byrd was a qualified write-in candidate.

Register of Elections Andrea Smothers released new unofficial results yesterday that included the write-in data.

Going into Tuesday’s election there were three constable positions unfilled because no one qualified when the positions were on the ballot in August. Smothers put the seats on the ballot in November as write-ins. Byrd qualified as a write-in candidate meaning he could have won with as little as one vote. The other two positions remain unfilled.

Smothers also said William Russell Adams had qualified as a write-in candidate for Mayor of Stanton. Adams received six votes. Allan Sterbinsky was reelected mayor with 75 votes.

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