Budget Committee meeting-Updated

Budget Committee meeting-Updated

Budget Committee meeting-Updated

The Haywood County Budget Committee will meet at the Justice Complex December 13, 2021 at 5 P.M.


1. Prayer
2. Call to order
3. Approved November 8, 2021 Budget Minutes
4. Budget Director – Review Reports

A. $110,000 remaining budget from prior year jail healthcare budget
B. Electronic Monitoring Indigency Fund
C. Request from Larry Livingston for payment due on a school bus
D. Capital Projects Funds- Potential solution to correct the deficit fund balances
E. New Jail Grant for the work re-entry program – specifically the salaries.
F. EMA Budget-potential solutions for shortage due to increased budget expenditures and
reduction of TEMA Grant

5. Federal Relief Fund Planning Committee
6. Parks and Recreation – Request for new vehicles.
7. Cultural Arts – Achana Jarrett
8. Town of Stanton request assisting to repair Adam Chapel bridge.
9. Consider purchasing the EZ Soil building
10. Bids for Ann Marks Theater
11. Bids for Carver roof repairs
12. County Property Tax Freeze
13. Budget Director Position (Mayor to provide update)
14. Budget Amendment

A. Consider County Christmas bonus
B. 19,600 from Salary to Contractual/ Special Services – Tracy Sullivan at the Ag Extension Office
C. Transferring insurance proceeds to Sheriff Budget
D. $95,821.98 added to 101-53310-790 grant received in November for the purchase of video equipment at the Justice Complex.
E. $10,000 from GFB to Workhouse budget and $20,000 from the sale of iron to Equipment Repair & Maintenance 101-54220-336
F. 35,000 to be added to 116-55731-717 from 116 Fund Balance. Trade-in value of 2 garbage trucks. $35,000 will be paid against the balance of the lease.

15. Other Business
16. Adjourn



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