Brownsville is setting for new book “Enchanting Beauties”

Brownsville is setting for new book “Enchanting Beauties”

Brownsville is setting for new book “Enchanting Beauties”

Book signing and reading by Author Hannah Horch, June 9.

BROWNSVILLE TN (June 1, 2019): The West Tennessee Delta Heritage Center welcomes former Haywood County resident Hannah R. Horch back to Brownsville for a book signing and reading of her new book Sunday, June 9, from 2-4 p.m. “Enchanting Beauties” is a riveting southern classic set in depression-era Brownsville.

Horch spent a year researching the Great Depression, life in the 1930s, and female photographers from that era. As she researched, she knew she wanted a southern, small town setting.

“My whole life I have heard that authors write what they know,” says Horch. “I love the culture and scenery of Brownsville, especially the water tower. It is iconic. When I discovered that Brownsville’s opera house burned down in the early thirties, I was able to weave that event into the storyline.”

Inspired by the true stories and photographs of real men, women, and children of the Great Depression, “Enchanting Beauties” is a powerful story of grace and redemption. In the book, the daughter of a savvy businessman and a cotton heiress, Henryetta Dixon, believes her family is untouchable—that is, until her father uncharacteristically commits suicide, leaving them penniless.

“The characters are all fictitious, of course. Places in the book such as Henryetta’s home and the drinking shack are from my imagination, but as I wrote, I could visualize their placement. My characters could easily navigate the town. So, Brownsville became the perfect backdrop.”

Horch has loved writing and photography her entire life. As a young person, she was an award-winning journalist in high school and college. She has used her writing talents throughout her career as an educator. In 2018, she self-published a cookbook “Legacy: A Collection of Recipes” for her family and friends- some of the recipes she learned from local Brownsville residents.

Currently serving as the founding Program Advisor of the Newcomer International Center in Memphis, Horch is married to former Haywood High School Tomcat Coach, Jesus Patino, and has two children, Maggie and Gehrig.

Published by New York City-based Page Publishing, readers will be able to purchase “Enchanting Beauties” during the event, as well as at bookstores everywhere and online at Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble. Admission for the book signing is free. Those looking for more information about the event should contact the Delta Heritage Center at 731-779-9000 or

About the Center: The West Tennessee Delta Heritage Center, in Brownsville, is a music heritage destination that offers a refreshing Southern experience showcasing the history and culture of rural West Tennessee. Inside visitors can learn about the history of cotton, explore the scenic and “wild” Hatchie River and get to know the legendary musicians who call West Tennessee home. Also located on the grounds is the Tina Turner Museum at Flagg Grove School, the childhood school of Tina Turner, and the last home of Blues pioneer Sleepy John Estes. The Delta Heritage Center is also a featured stop along the Americana Music Triangle connecting Nashville, Memphis and New Orleans. To learn more about the Center, visit or call 731-779-9000.

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