Archive: May 2014

Archive: May 2014

Archive: May 2014

Haywood’s unemployment rates now in single digits
May 23, 2014

    Unemployment rates have been creeping down for months ó data showing that more Haywood Countians are at work than in a long time was released yesterday. In fact, April’s statistics depict the best employment picture in years.
Haywood Countyís rate, according to the state, is 8.4% down from 10.2 % a month earlier. In April 2013, 11.8% of Haywood Countians were jobless. Tennesseeís unemployment rate is at its best level in years.
Neighboring counties recorded similar results:
Madison: 6.1% down from 6.9% a month earlier and from 8.2% a year ago
Fayette: 7% down from 9.1% a month earlier and from 9.4% a year earlier
Crockett: 7.9% down from 9.7% a month earlier and from 10.3% a year earlier.
Tipton: 8.1% down from 9.6% a month earlier and from 10.6% a year earlier.
Hardeman: 8.9% down from 10.6% a month earlier and from 11.8% a year earlier.
Lauderdale: 10.3% down from 11.7% a month earlier and from 13.5% a year ago.
Specific county information for April is available at



Carver gym renovations going well
May 20, 2014

   Extensive renovations outside and in are being completed at the Carver High Gym. County government is funding the repair work on the county owned property located on Jefferson Street.
Mayor Franklin Smith said most of the work should be completed before an all-class reunion planned for late July.



HAYWOOD HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 2014 – Scholarship/Awards Ceremony ñ Presentation of Diplomas
May 19, 2014

   Members of the Haywood High School Class of 2014 were honored on Friday night, May 16, at an Awards Ceremony in the school gymnasium. Haywood County Schools administrators, faculty and staff, along with families, joined the 199 graduates at the ceremony. During the presentations, $21,000 was awarded through the REDI program, $44,000 through the Advanced Maintenance Cohort, $836,810 in colleges and university scholarships, $1,150,000 from HOPE scholarships (over four years), and $105,300 in local scholarships.
Haywood High School Principal Dr. Jerry Pyron conducted the ceremony, and his closing remarks were, ìIf you keep your grades up and remain eligible to renew your college and lottery scholarships for four years, the Class of 2014 will leave here tonight with a combined total of $2,157,110 to help further their education over the next four years.î The presentation of diplomas was held on Saturday morning, May 17, at 10 a.m., also in the gymnasium, in front of a packed house of family members and supporters. Speaker for the graduation ceremony was Dr. Jack Pettigrew of Brownsville.
Joining Dr. Pyron on the dais were HHS Vice and Assistant Principals Michelle Tillman and Tim Seymour; Superintendent of Schools Teresa Russell; Board of Education members Harold Garrett, Robbie King, Pearlie Hess and Allen Currie; Director of Career and Technical Education Pam Diebold; Director of the Reach Academy Drayton Hawkins; Brownsville Mayor Jo Matherne; Haywood County Mayor Franklin Smith; and Stanton Mayor Allen Sterbinsky.
The following Distinguished Scholar students are the Top Ten in the senior class:
(Three tied for first in the class, two tied for fourth in the class, and two tied for 10th in the class.)
1. Kaímen Pickens
1. Bishop Noble,
1. Cassidy Hendrix
4. Patsy Jameson
4. J. P. Barden
6. Walker Thornton
7. Enchantra Henderson
8. Amanda Lopez
9. Emily Pugh
10. Jada Brooks
10. Jonathan Pleasants

Bishop Noble, Cassidy Hendrix, Ka’men Pickens, Patsy Jameson, J. P. Barden, Walker Thornton, Enchantra Henderson, Amanda Lopez, Emily Pugh, Jada Brooks and Jonathan Pleasants

Cassidy, Kaímen, and Bishop received the Valedictorian Award for having the highest scholastic average in the Distinguished Scholar Program. All three of these students have maintained a 4.0 GPA during their four years in high school.
Kaímen Pickens also received the Joe T. Naylor Award for having an ACT composite score of 29. This award is given to the boy in the senior class with the highest ACT score.
Lindsey Long received the Ed Thompson Award for having an ACT composite score of 29. This award is given to the girl in the senior class with the highest ACT score.
Michelle Leal received the Outstanding Career-Technical Scholar Award. The recipient of this award was chosen by the Career and Technical teaching staff and administration.
Madison German received the Outstanding REACH Academy Student Award.

Marine Distinguished Athlete Award
Jeffrey Starks and Mary Claiborne Sharpe were the recipients of the Marine Distinguished Athlete Award.
Cassidy Hendrix, Kaímen Pickens, and Bishop Noble were the recipients of the Marine Scholastic Excellence Award.
Dontai Anderson is the recipient of the Semper Fidelis Award for musical excellence. Dontai has also received an appointment to the USAF Academy Preparatory School.

Recognition of Seniors Entering Military Service
Joining the United States Army are Miranda Ramirez, John Carter, DeontÈ Brown, Paul Anthony, Maceo Transor, Melvin Bond and Shirann Jones.
Joining the United States Air Force are Cierra Stewart and Dontai Anderson.
Joining the United States Navy is Trey Allen.

Tennessee Scholars
The Tennessee Scholars program is a business-led initiative endorsed by the Tennessee Department of Education, the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Tennessee Business Roundtable, and many other education coalitions across the state. To become Tennessee Scholars, students must complete a rigorous academic and technical course of study that exceeds the minimum requirements for a diploma. Additionally, they must meet other criteria including at least 80 hours of community service. It speaks well of Haywood High School and of our senior class that 56 of our graduates meet all the requirements for Tennessee Scholar status, and that they collectively have performed more than 4,500 hours of community service during the past four years. These students are: Lindsey Long, Thalice Kinnon, Keyshawna Jelks, Bells, Shaquanda Genesy, Crystal Shepard, Averyon Pettigrew, Xavier Rogers, Juanita Snipes, Tyquesia West, Williams, Alison Wilson, Sarah Tillman, Rick Galindo, Miranda Ramirez, Amber Harris, Montravious Currie, Taylor Call, Kimberly Nieto, Jonathan Pleasants, Amanda Tindle, Kayla Pattat, . P. Barden, Jordan Goodman, Mary Claiborne Sharpe, Ricarnicea Johnson, Kelsey Collins, Emily Wright, Nikki Cummins, Shannon Walls, Allyshia Dickerson, Asia White, Kaímen Pickens, Amanda Lopez, Kayla Thompson, Emily Pugh, Robert Allen King, Jada Brooks, Patsy Jameson, Walker Thornton, Brent Ward, Anna Jackson, Kaitlyn McBride, Shelby Stanfield, LaDarius Taylor, Peyton Antwine, Jeffrey Starks, Justice Brown, Diana Meraz, Cassidy Hendrix, Allie Jacocks, Dontai Anderson, Bishop Noble, Kendale Crew, Kenston Thomas, and Emily-Gooch King.

REDI College Access Awards Total for 2 Years = $21,000
Our community participates in the REDI College Access Program. Jo Matherne, Mayor of the City of Brownsville, and Franklin Smith, Mayor of Haywood County, presented the Haywood County-City of Brownsville Scholarships in the amount of $500 each to these students to attend post-secondary institutions for the 2014-2015 academic year. These scholarships are renewable for the 2015-2016 term. Winning these awards are Kayia Austin, Jamiya Bell, Deonis Bells, Jamaica Bond, Kelsey Collins, Shaquanda Genesy, Emily-Gooch King, Jordan Goodman, Anna Jackson, Thalice Kinnon, Amanda Lopez, Diana Meraz, Haley Moore, Kimberly Nieto, Kayla Pattat, Jonathan Pleasants, Emily Pugh, Sarah Tillman, Shannon Walls, Teri Wilson and Emily Wright.

Advanced Maintenance Cohort
Kendale Crew and Jason Elrod are two of 22 students from West Tennessee selected to participate in Jackson State Community Collegeís Advanced Maintenance Technology Cooperative Learning Cohort. These two gentlemen will work with participating factories in the fields of Industrial Maintenance while attending classes at JSCC to earn their Associate of Applied Science in Industrial Technology. Kendale will be working at Bodine Aluminum and Jason will work at PictSweet. Over the next five semesters, both students will potentially earn over $22,000 to apply to their education, living expenses, and/or future plans. The AMT cohort is one of only five like it in the country. Allyshia Dickerson was selected as a participant in the learning, and an alternate for the cooperative component of the program.

College and University Scholarships — $836,810 (4 years)
Jada Brooks – Southeast Missouri State University – Academic Scholarships – $7,954 per year for 4 years = $31,816
Devonte Briley – Bethel University – Athletic Scholarships – $10,000 per year for 4 years = $40,000
Kimberly Nieto – University of Memphis – Academic ìFirst Scholarsî Scholarship – $5,000 per year for 4 years = $20,000
Amanda Lopez – University of Memphis – Provostís Scholarship – $5,500 per year for 4 years = $22,000
Equavious Barbee – Tusculum College – Athletic Scholarship – $10,665 per year for 4 years = $42,660 – Academic Scholarship – $4,000 per year for 4 years = $16,000 – TOTAL = $58,660
Emily Pugh – University of Memphis – Deanís Scholarship – $3,000 per year for 4 years = $12,000
TVA Power distributor Scholarship – $4,000 per year for 1 year – TOTAL = $16,000
Mary Claiborne Sharpe – Millsaps College – Academic Scholarship – $19,000 per year for 4 years = $76,000
Kaitlyn McBride – University of Memphis – Deanís Scholarship – $3,000 per year for 4 years = $12,000
Justice Brown – National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa, Inc., Scholarship – $500
Patsy Jameson – Mississippi State University – Academic Scholarship – $5,094 per year for 4 years = $20,376
Amanda Tindle – Lyon College – Athletic Scholarship – $11,000 per year for 4 years = $44,000
Aaron DeVontÈ Bradford – Lincoln College of Technology – Automotive Technology Scholarship $1,000
Ricarnicea Johnson – University of Tennessee, Chattanooga – Academic Scholarship – $3,000 per year for 4 years = $12,000
J. P. Barden – Union University – Leadership and Academic Scholarships – $15,000 per year for 4 years = $60,000 – Arkansas Baptist Association Hammons Scholarship – $6,000 per year for 2 years = $12,000 – TOTAL = $72,000
Peyton Antwine – Christian Brothers University – Leadership Scholarship – $1,500 – Academic Scholarship – $12,000 per year for 4 years = $48,000 – TOTAL = $49,500
Jonathan Pleasants – University of Memphis – Deanís Scholarship – $3,000 per year for 4 years = $12,000
Cassidy Hendrix – Millsaps College – Academic Scholarship – $25,000 per year for 4 years = $100,000 – First Presbyterian Church Science Scholars Scholarship – $4,000 per year for 4 years = $16,000 – TOTAL = $116,000
Lindsey Long – Union University – Academic and Leadership Scholarships – $15,500 per year for 4 years = $62,000
Robert Allen King – Mississippi State University – Academic Scholarship – $5,094 per year for 4 years = $20,376 – Department of Agriculture Economics Scholarship – $800 – Farm Credit ñ Mid America Scholarship – $1,500 – Firestone ñ Best One Tire Scholarship – $3,500 – TOTAL = $26,176
Kaímen Pickens – Mississippi State University – Academic and Valedictorian Scholarships – $16,188 per year for 4 years = $64,752
Tarecus Hughes – West Kentucky Community and Technical College – Athletic Scholarship – $8,640 per year for 2 years = $17,280
Brent Ward – University of Memphis – Deanís Scholarship – $3,000 per year for 4 years = $12,000
Kayla Pattat – University of Tennessee, Martin – Tennessee Farmersí Co-Op Scholarship – $1,500
Montravious Currie – Bluefield College – Trusteesí Merit Scholarship – $6,000 per year for 4 years = $24,000 – Athletic Scholarship – $6,000 per year for 4 years = $24,000 – TOTAL = $48,000
Walker Thornton – University of Mississippi – Academic Excellence Award – $1,250

HOPE Scholarships — $287,500 for 1 year – $1,150,000 over 4 years
The State of Tennessee provides HOPE Scholarships for students who meet certain academic requirements and who will continue their education at a postsecondary school in Tennessee. The following 71 seniors meet those academic criteria and are eligible for scholarships ranging from $2,000 to $5,500 per year, pending approval from the Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation.
These students are: Peyton Antwine, J. P. Barden, Aaliyah Bailey, Equavious Barbee, Jamiya Bell, Deonis Bells, Jamaica Bond, Marcharia Bond, Jahni Boyd, Jada Brooks, Justice Brown, Taylor Call, Johnathon Carter, Patrick Cephus, Kelsey Collins, Kendale Crew, Thomas Currie, Kia Davis, Allyshia Dickerson, Jason Elrod, Andrew Esquivias, Rick Galindo, Shaquanda Genesy, Jordan Goodman, Kierra Green, Amber Harris, Enchantra Henderson, Angelica Jackson, Anna Jackson, Allie Jacocks, Keyshawna Jelks, Ricarnicea Johnson, Xavier Jones, Emily-Gooch King, Thalice Kinnon, Michelle Leal, Lindsey Long, Amanda Lopez, Amente Mans, Stephen Martin, Kaitlyn McBride, Diana Meraz, Shalonda Moore, Kimberly Nieto, Bishop Noble, Kayla Pattat, Jonathan Pleasants, Darius Pruiett, Emily Pugh, Ashley Reed, Xavier Rogers, Marco Romero, Crystal Shepard, Carl Siler, Jalen Smith, Marcelynn Smith, Shelby Stanfield, Jeffrey Starks, LaDarius Taylor, Kenston Thomas, Kayla Thompson, Sarah Tillman, Symphony Timberlake, Latesha Walker, Shannon Walls, Brent Ward, Tyqusia West, Asia White, Camry Williams, Shanterica Williamson, and Emily Wright.

Local Scholarships — $105,300
The Brownsville Rotary Club Scholarship – $1,000 – Awarded to Taylor Call
INSOUTH Bank Community Scholarships – $2,000 – Awarded to Kayla Pattat
Dunbar ñ Haywood County Training School / Carver High School Alumni Association, Haywood County Chapter Scholarship – $500 each (2 scholarships) – Awarded to Allyshia Dickerson and Alison Wilson
The C. A. Rawls Memorial Scholarship – $1,000 – Awarded to Jamiya L. Bell
Sixteenth Review Club Scholarship – $250 – Awarded to Shelby Stanfield
The Pearl Qualls Memorial Scholarships – Given by the Milwaukee Chapter, Dunbar-Haywood County Training/Carver High School Alumni Association – $500 each (2 scholarships) Awarded to Asia White and Kenston Thomas
The Mann Scholarships – $2,000 each — $500 per semester for 2 years – (2 scholarships) – Awarded to Cassidy Hendrix and Jonathan Pleasants
Trooper John Gregory Mann Memorial Scholarship – $500 – Awarded to Juanita Snipes
The Ervin Scholarships – (Given by Jere Mann Ervin) – (4 scholarships)
Bergie E. Ervin Memorial Scholarship – $4,000 – Awarded to Bishop Noble
Nell Mann Ervin Memorial Scholarship – $4,000 – Awarded to Peyton Antwine
Florence Ervin Dickinson Williams Memorial Scholarship – $4,000 – Awarded to Jada Brooks
Bergie E. Ervin, Jr., Memorial Scholarship – $4,000 – Awarded to Keyshawna Jelks
Brownsville-Haywood County Arts Council Scholarship – $1,000 ñ Awarded to Ladarius Taylor
The Dunbar-Haywood County Training School / Carver High School Alumni National Association Scholarship – $4,000 ($1,000 per year for 4 years) – Awarded to Amber Harris
The Elizabeth R. Norris Memorial Scholarship – $1,500 – Awarded to Kaímen Pickens
The Mary Anderson Davis Memorial Scholarship – $600 – Awarded to Emily Pugh
The Reverend Clay Evans Scholarships – $1,000 each – (2 scholarships) – Awarded to Matthew Edmonds and Averyon Pettigrew
The American Legion Post 114 Scholarships – $500 each (3 scholarships) – Awarded to Kaitlyn McBride, Kimberly Nieto, and Kendale Crew
Alita A. Watkins Memorial Scholarship – $1,000 ($500 each semester) – Awarded to Ricarnicea Johnson
First South Bank Scholarship – $1,100 for the 11th Distinguished Scholar – Awarded to Diana Meraz
First United Methodist Church ñ James Sumner Sharpe Memorial Scholarship – $500 each – (9 scholarships) – Awarded to Taylor Call, Thomas Currie, Patsy Jameson, Emily-Gooch King, Robert Allen King, Amanda Lopez, Mary Claiborne Sharpe, Walker Thornton, and Sarah Tillman
The Tennessee Academy Foundation Scholarship – $1,000 each – (2 scholarships) -Awarded to Anna Jackson and Mary Claiborne Sharpe
Tenth Review Club Scholarships – $300 each (2 scholarships) – Awarded to Amanda Lopez and Shelby Springfield
Tennessee Academic Decathlon Achievement Scholarships – $300 each (2 scholarships) – Awarded to Nikki Cummins and Brent Ward
Faith Deliverance Church Scholarships – $1,000 each – (3 scholarships) – Awarded to Justice Brown, Kylan Brown, and Patrick Cephus
St. John Baptist Church Scholarship – $500 each – (2 scholarships) – Awarded to Quentus Watkins and Jada Brooks
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Scholarship – $1,500 – Awarded to Justice Brown
Good Hope Baptist Church Scholarships – $300 each – (3 scholarships) Awarded to Xavier Jones, Shavius Hines, and Tyvarius Jones
Sidney Sternberger Memorial Scholarship – $400 – Awarded to Jeffrey Starks
The Haywood County Education Association Scholarship – $500 each – (2 scholarships) Awarded to Sarah Tillman and Thomas Currie
Masonic Lodge Memorial Scholarship – (Given in memory of Bro. Fletcher Lewis) – $1,000 – Awarded to Allie Jacocks Gladys Evans Jones Scholarship – $1,000 – Awarded to Aaron Bradford
Catherine T. Colhoun Memorial Trust Scholarships – $2,000 each – (6 scholarships) Awarded to Patsy Jameson, Lindsey Long, Kelsey Collins, Justice Brown, Rick Galindo, and Symphony Timberlake
Nola Walker-Bond Scholarships – $700 each (2 scholarships) – Awarded to Kelsey A. Byars and Alison Wilson
Robert E. Allison Humanitarian Scholarship – $1,000 – Awarded to Taylor Call
Malcolm C. Wright Post 4838, Veterans of Foreign Wars Scholarships – $500 each (2 scholarships) – Awarded to Allie Jacocks and Cassidy Hendrix – $1,000 – Awarded to Nikki Cummins
Aiden Mann Hawkins Scholarship – $500 – Awarded to Shaquanda Genesy
The Meux Family Scholarship – $1,000 – Awarded to Amanda Tindle
Mark Conway Memorial Scholarship – $1,000 each (4 scholarships) – Awarded to Emily Wright, Matthew Edmonds, J. P. Barden, and Brent Ward
Willie James Memorial Scholarships – $1,500 each (3 scholarships) – Awarded to Jamaica Bond, Amanda Lopez, and Enchantra Henderson
Memrie H. Butler and Ben Butler Memorial Scholarships – $1,000 – Awarded to Diana Meraz
Boysí and Girlsí Club Scholarship – $500 – Awarded to Anna Burch
Brownsville Exchange Club Scholarship – $1,000 – Awarded to Mary Claiborne Sharpe
INSOUTH Bank Leadership Class Scholarship – $150 each – (12 scholarships) – Awarded to Ricarnicea Johnson, Symphony Timberlake, Walker Thornton, Emily-Gooch King, Sarah Tillman, Mary Claiborne Sharpe, Enchantra Henderson, J. P. Barden, Patsy Jameson, Bishop Noble, Peyton Antwine, and Emily Pugh
Willow Grove Baptist Church Scholarship – $500 each – (5 scholarships) – Awarded to Ashawnte Partee, Angelica Jackson, Xavier Rogers, Kaímen Pickens, and Kenston Thomas
The Coburn Scholarships – (Given in Memory of Mr. E. B. Coburn) – $750 each (2 scholarships) – Awarded to Kaímen Pickens, and Walker Thornton
The Joe and Evelyn Naylor Memorial Scholarship – $1,500 – Awarded to Shelby Stanfield
The Molly Williamson Memorial Scholarship – $1,000 – Awarded to Rick Galindo
Marla Angotti Memorial Scholarship – $1,000 – Awarded to Anna Jackson
Margaret Ann Welch Memorial Scholarship – $1,000 – Awarded to J. P. Barden
The Sam Ethel Williams Memorial Scholarship – $250 each (2 scholarships) – Awarded to Amber Harris, and Montravious Currie
Jim Batchelor Memorial Scholarship – $400 – Awarded to Maceo Transor
Women of Purpose Scholarships – $350 – Awarded to Patrick Cephus
First Baptist Church Scholarship – $500 each – (4 scholarships) – Awarded to Kelsey Byars, Enchantra Henderson, Kia Davis, and Quanqterica Holmes
Marie Hafford-Browing Foundation Scholarship – $500 – Awarded to Amber Harris
Haywood High School Class of 1996 ìMaking a Differenceî Scholarship – $200 each (2 scholarships) – Awarded to Patrick Cephus and Montravious Currie
GCA Services Scholarship – $2,500 each (2 scholarships) – Awarded to Ryan Williams and Madeline Johnson



Cityís budget is balanced
May 16, 2014

   Tuesday, Aldermen and the Mayor passed on first reading the cityís budget for fiscal 2014/2015. According to documents provided by City Hall, the cityís budget is balanced. General fund income is expected to be $12,137,979 ó spending precisely the same. Budgets for the remaining city operations including solid waste, streets, drug fund, rescue squad, Heritage Center and revolving loans are also precisely balanced.
City officials say four new police cars are including in the budget, as are raises for city workers. Employees will get a 2% across-the-board raise and a 1% merit raise. Leaders also put in place a step raise program for public works employees.
The cityís budget is aided by income from new taxes coming from beer and liquor. Special taxes, not including sales tax, levied on the categories include expectations for $75,000 from liquor and $250,000 from beer.
The cityís budget is expected to be tested by a second reading when the board meets next month.
You can view the new budget HERE: 2014 – 2014-2015 Budget Worksheet – Budget Prep.pdf
You can view the budget ordinance HERE: ORD906 (2015 Budget).pdf



Hatchie BirdFest scheduled for May 30 – June 1
May 12, 2014

   Nature enthusiasts are invited to learn more about the more than 200 species of birds that occur in West Tennessee during the second annual Hatchie BirdFest Friday, May 30 – Sunday, June 1, in Brownsville Tenn. The free event will offer a variety of activities for all ages including hikes, educational seminars and bird related booths.
The BirdFest opens Friday evening at the Ann Marks Performing Arts Center, Brownsville, when Dr. David Pitts will present a program on “The Hummingbirds that Nest in Our Yards.” Dr. Pitts, a retired Professor of Biological Sciences at the University of Tennessee, Martin, is a noted expert on the Eastern Bluebird. His research has also concentrated on the Carolina Chickadees, Loggerhead Shrike and most recently Ruby-throated Hummingbirds. Attendees will be allowed to ask questions during a Q&A session after the presentation.

Noted ornithologist and researcher Dr. David Pitts will kick-off the Hatchie BirdFest weekend with a presentation about the hummingbirds in our yard Friday evening, 7 p.m., at College Hill Center in Brownsville. Hikes, seminars and exhibitors will continue on Saturday at the Delta Heritage Center and a special excursions is planned for Sunday.

Following Friday evening’s presentation, the audience will adjourn to College Hill Center where they will be treated to refreshments and performance by the Dirt Pilgrims, a quirky, acoustic folk band from Jackson, Tenn.
Bird watching hikes on Saturday and Sunday will be geared for both beginners and experts. Excursions will originate at the Delta Heritage Center and will visit the Hatchie National Wildlife Refuge as well as other areas in Haywood County. Hikes begin at 7 a.m. Those wishing to participate, can pre-register online at
Saturdayís speakers will include Scott Somershoe (State Ornithologist, Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency), Tara Dowdy (Park Ranger/Educator and Volunteer Coordinator for the West Tennessee National Wildlife Refuge Complex) and Dick Preston (Member of the Memphis Chapter and State Director, Tennessee Ornithological Society). Saturday seminars will be held at the Delta Heritage Center and begin at noon. Sunday a special early morning excursion will be led by Wildlife Biologist Bob Ford.
The weekend will also include a photography exhibit and exhibitors representing the Tennessee Ornithological Society, Tennessee Wildlife Federationís Great Outdoors University, Tennessee Watchable Wildlife and more.
For more information about the Hatchie BirdFest and a complete schedule, or call 731-779-9000.


Who will be the next deep-fried BBQ champion?
May 12, 2014

   Do you love barbecue? Have you tried it deep-fried? Registration is now open for those wishing to compete in this year’s Deep-Fried BBQ Eating Championship. The competition will take place at 4 p.m., Saturday, May 24, during the Exit 56 Blues Fest held at the Delta Heritage Center in Brownsville.

Drew Magruder of Brownsville, Tenn., won the title of champion last year when he was able to eat 60 deep-fried barbecue bites in 10 minutes. Magruder was among four who competed for the title during the inaugural event.
“People are always asking about our deep-fried barbecue,” says Sonia Outlaw-Clark, director of the West Tennessee Delta Heritage Center. “It’s really delicious and if you’re a barbecue fan, you can’t help but like the deep-fried version.”
Contestants must be at least 18 years of age and will have 10 minutes to eat as many deep-fried barbecue bites as possible. Water and sauce will be plentiful to help wash it down. There is a $5 entry fee and the lucky winner will receive a trophy, t-shirt and prize package. Interested parties are asked to pre-register for the competition by May 23. Complete rules and registration can be found at
Along with great barbecue, festival attendees can spend the afternoon and evening listening to the Blues. Performers such as the Bonafide Blues Band, Eric Hughes, Elam McKnight, Lorina McMinn and the Myxx and headliners Little Boys Blue will delight with their special mix of authentic Blues music.
Car enthusiasts can cruise-in from 1-3 p.m., to compete for recognitions such as “Cool Chrome” “Most Likely to Get a Ticket” and 12 other fun titles. There is no entry fee and motorcycles are welcome, too.
Arts and crafts vendors will also be on site throughout the afternoon for those wanting to add a little shopping to the Blues mix. Jewelry, woodwork and paintings are just a few of the items you’ll find.
Admission to the festival is free. A complete schedule is available online at, or by calling the Delta Heritage Center at 731-779-9000.
About the West Tennessee Delta Heritage Center The West Tennessee Delta Heritage Center offers a refreshing
Southern experience showcasing the history and culture of rural West Tennessee. Inside visitors can learn about the history of cotton, explore the scenic and ìwildî Hatchie River and get to know the legendary musicians who call West Tennessee home. Also located on the grounds is Flagg Grove School, the childhood school of Tina Turner, and the last home of Blues pioneer Sleepy John Estes. To learn more about the Center, visit or call 731-779-9000.



Brownsville leaders want your thoughts on diversity
May 5, 2014

    Culture – it’s everything in business, at home, and in a community, and the City of Brownsville wants to know more about it in Brownsville. The Brownsville Human Relations Council is conducting a community assessment survey to measure current attitudes about diversity and cultural awareness in our community.
The survey is anonymous, and all data will be used to give suggestions to the Council on ways to better meet the expectations of the citizens of Brownsville.
You can take the survey by going to, and click on the “Human Relations Council Survey” button on the homepage.
A printed version of the survey is also available at City Hall.


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