Archive: May 2007

Archive: May 2007

Archive: May 2007

The 1175th back to Iraq

The 1175th Transportation Unit of the Tennessee National Guard, stationed in Brownsville, pulled out Monday, May 7, in preparation to return to the war in Iraq. The usual fanfare, according to family members, was avoided for reasons of security. It’s the third time members of this unit have served in the Persian Gulf region.

Their destination is Fort Bragg, N. C., via Tullahoma, where they will be for an undisclosed amount of time for training before leaving the U. S. for the Gulf War. The military doesn’t disclose the unit’s ultimate mission, their exact final destination or how long they will be gone.

City board approves changes to charter

The city clerk doesn’t have to live in Brownsville any more and downtown merchants don’t have to pay for the upkeep of the sidewalks in front of their buildings.

Amendments to the city charter completed May 8 by the city board make the changes.

Mayor Webb Banks says the city has been paying for sidewalk maintenance downtown for years.

And the old rules requiring the city clerk rule to live in Brownsville is also out-of-date, according to city leaders. Mayor Banks said this dates back to the days when the city had a part-time mayor.

Banks reviewing drug enforcement efforts

Mayor Webb Banks wants to know more about the enforcement of illegal drug laws in Brownsville.

The mayor recently asked for and received a report about drug investigations conducted by the 28th Judicial Drug Task Force and from the city police department.

In the last 11 months, officers have made 212 drug cases. The city has receipted over $18,000 in seized money.

The mayor also wants to know more about the seized cash and other assets. While emphasizing that he doesn’t believe there are any improprieties, he is asking the Drug Task Force for their accounting information. The Task Force is run by the attorney general’s office, and seizure funds are split between the force’s account and that of the municipality. The mayor wants to know more about collections and distributions.

Brownsville’s cleanup policies to be bolstered by new code officer

Brownsville’s city government will soon hire a new Code Enforcement Officer. The city board approved the proposal made by Mayor Webb Banks at the May 8 city council meeting.

Mayor Banks says enforcement of all of the various zoning ordinances is a huge job and many ordinances are not being enforced. Junk cars, vicious dogs, derelict housing and enforcement of historic zoning ordinances top the mayor’s list.

The new officer will likely be paid between $10 and $11 per hour – and will work full-time. The city will soon advertise for applicants.

Brownsville adopts ethics policies

The city board adopted new ethics policies when they met May 8.

The city’s new rules prohibit the acceptance of gifts and don’t allow certain business transactions when the business is done with government’s employees or elected officials who have financial interest in the deals.

The city attorney is designated as the ethics officer. Violation of the rules could mean censure for elected officials and termination of employees.

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