2015 February 24 Movies at College Hill are One Step Closer

Movies at College Hill are One Step Closer

Movies at College Hill are One Step Closer

The Haywood County Commission voted unanimously Monday night to approve a $2,500 donation to the Arts Council. The money will come out of the county’s general fund, and matches another $2,500 approved by the City of Brownsville earlier this month. Together, the $5,000 in funding will go about a third of the way to funding a retractable movie screen and projector at the Ann L. Marks Performing Arts Center at College Hill.

Arts Council Director Achana Jarrett says estimates for the movie screen run at about $15,000. The Arts Council hopes to raise additional funds in the coming weeks to finalize the project. Questions arose over copyright issues that might be involved in hosting movies at the theatre; County Attorney Michael Banks—prior to the vote—said the commission was clear to “move forward”.

Community movie nights have become popular in recent years, and the Haywood County Arts Council hopes to capitalize on the movement by giving citizens a reason to come together and enjoy College Hill. The nearby city of Collierville, Tennessee regularly hosts movies on their square, while Memphis began showing movies at the newly completed Beale Street Landing last Summer.

Securing the remainder of the $15,000 would ensure that the citizens of Haywood County don’t have to leave home to enjoy a fun, family night out at the movies. Brownsville has been without a sizable movie screen and projector since the Ritz theatre (the remains of which rest within the Mindfield) burned down two decades ago.

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